Monday, June 27, 2022

+1550 Points achieved in USDJPY Sell signal from a retracement setup
1 mins well spent

USDJPY Analysis

USDJPY is moving up and down between specific price ranges for a long time.

USD/JPY bounces back to make a retracement because the market is still moving in a downtrend range by forming lower highs and lower lows.

usdjpy still moving in a downtrend range

After the confirmation of downward movement, the USDJPY Sell signal is given.

USDJPY Sell Signal Reached Target 2.

As per signal rules, you can close some of your trade position at this Target 2 price and then please change your Stop loss price to entry price for chasing the further targets with ZERO Risk. We always want you to trade safely at all the market conditions.

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