Monday, June 27, 2022

USD/CHF Buy trade analysis : 

USD/CHF made a good retracement as per our previous technical analysis (click here to see). after confirmation of up trend, Buy signal is given.

Fundamental News (Corona Virus) is driving all the markets crazy now.

How Coronavirus crashing the forex market ?

Is it good to invest intelligently now on good company stocks, shares, or good stable markets ?

Answer : Yes, you can buy good stocks, shares, forex assets at cheaper price now.  In forex market, As a long term trader or investor, you can Buy or sell if market reached historical high, lows (or) if market reached very low or high price after the minimum duration of 3 years gap.

check here: how the coronavirus affecting the financial markets.

As per the retracement strategy, USD/CHF reached the take profit 2 successfully.

usd chf achieved 2nd take profit

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