Wednesday, June 29, 2022

+500 Points reached in AUDJPY Buy signal after rebounding from the higher low and the retest area of the Channel line
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AUDJPY Analysis

AUDJPY is rebounding from the higher low area of the minor ascending channel and the retest area of the major broken descending channel.

AUDJPY buy signal is given after the confirmation of upward movement.

audjpy reached t1 dec21 500 points

AUDJPY has reached the take profit target successfully.

Australian Dollar: RBA meeting minutes

RBA meeting minutes followed today; RBA has to maintain a higher monetary support condition during the pandemic.

And inflation won’t go higher and will be controlled under the target.

Three possible options for the Bond purchase program in 2022 if it happened.

AUD three famous statues in Downtown Melbourne don facemasks for the pandemic Melbourne Victoria Australia

Is inflation going to increase, or is the economy going back after gradual recovery, or does the Omicron variant spread affect and more lockdowns in Australia?

Risks to the Economy is more if new variant spread across Australia in coming quarters.

Japanese Yen: Japanese Government upgraded December month Assessment

Japanese Government raised and upgraded its view of assessment first time in 17 months in December.

JPY Automotive assembly industry exhibition at Toyota factory tour and museums Nagoya Japan

And this comes after Overall private consumption, and car sales rebound occurred.

Japan raised views on Business conditions and Employment data but downgraded perspectives on Capex and Housing constructions.

And Japanese economy has experienced a more severe pandemic in the last 17 months due to Covid-19.

Now the economy is recovering at a moderate pace but still fears surrounding from Omicron variant going to spread fast as expected.



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