Mon, Sep 25, 2023

Best sites to get payday loans online with no credit checks

Answering a question about the best online payday pharmacies with no credit checks in the U.S. (excluding large chains like CVS or Walgreens), we selected these four stores. Also, we notice that some prices on aggregator sites are unreliable and mostly higher than those on actual pharmacy sites. Keep that in mind when you search.

  1. Best Discount Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.6
    What customers say:
    –  Had trouble getting prescription called in but finally brought paper prescription from a doctor, was told would be filled quickly but then sat for an hour waiting on it, upon checking with the staff they had to go find the prescription I brought that had been lost apparently in the last hour and was told would be at least another 30 minutes of waiting before filled.
    – Its six p.m., and I’m waiting for some medication (40 min for them to be ready), and I was not even allowed to use extra bucks on a purchase, only because it’s after 6 pm. Makes no sense, but that’s the customer service this Best Discount Pharmacy provides for its customers.
  2. Raff & Hall Family Park Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.1
    What customers say:
    – Perscription promised at 7, went at 7:20 waited at the window in the drive-thru 10min before they came to the window which they saw me. The technician told me is want ready it would be 15 min. Came back then he tells me computers went down which they were working on them. I told him I would sit here in the drive-thru till it’s filled total time 45 min. I also called, all they did was they kept on transferring me from agent to another 30 min, then they hung up.
    Raff & Hall Family Park Pharmacy is the worst pharmacy ever !! I got an antibiotic from my doctor on Thursday and was told like it be ready until Friday. You would think stuff would be more on the ball bout meds. On the top of that, the staff was rude saying I would tell them that it wasn’t emergency that I needed the antibiotics as soon a possible really you go to the Dr cause you are sick and if Dr gives you antibiotics it’s cause you need it now not 24 hrs later. WOW!!!!
  3. Hale Center Clinical Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.2
    What customers say:
    – Incompetent staff. Any medication not covered by insurance is automatically excluded from refills – where normally other pharmacies do fill it and explain it’s not covered. It’s a constant going back and forth with them because of incomplete fills, or medication was not filled.
    – Friendly and timely service every time I’ve visited.  Hale Center Clinical Pharmacy often get your meds much quicker than other big pharmacies, and at reasonable prices.
  4. Thornhill’s Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.5
    What customers say:
    – It’s the same song with Thornhill’s Pharmacy. Every pharmacist always says something different. They take forever!!! A person can be the only one there waiting an hour, and they won’t work on your prescription!!!
    – Had supplies I needed. Hidden gem in their eating area. People go there just to eat. Really good food.

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