BREXIT : UK will leave EU on Jan 31, 2020


1) Jan 2020 UK Parliament passes favorite for UK Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON won votes for Brexit deal

2) As per favorable for UK PM set date for Brexit deal on JAN 31 for leaving EU with a deal or without deal by negotiations

3) IF UK will leave by JAN 31, GBP will become strong rather than weak. As per Technical Analysis, GBP have more potential to move up.

4) For the past 15 years GBP got weaker against USD, AUD, CAD, NZD ,JPY CURRRENCY pairs due to EU collaboration and now leaving EU will be great for Great Britain.

5) Leaving EU and taxes benefit for Britain will lead to cut and Britain extends corporate taxes will not be applicable if Britain leaves EU

6) At the end of 2020 Britain will make a trade deal with EU and smooth progress for all public and corporates. GBP will get stronger than any other year by 2021.

Check the brexit timeline given below:

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