CAD/JPY signal closed at entry price level (break even)

CAD/JPY Analysis : 

CAD/JPY follows the same pattern as Previous USD/JPY signal.

CAD/JPY is moving up and down between the specific range levels.

After market broken the support zone, market re-tested the breakout level and starts to move down.

CAD/JPY Sell signal is given after the confirmation of downward movement.

But market went down only few points in profit and it keeps moving up and down between the entry price level for 2 days, As per our signal guidance, if Target 1 is not reached within 2 days, we recommend our members to close the trade or move their stop loss to entry price for safe trading.

Due to small ranging movement between entry price level for 2 days, CAD/JPY Sell signal is closed at break even.

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