EUR/GBP reaches the bottom level, Is it good to Buy ?

EUR/GBP Analysis : Market trades between the range for sometime. But EUR/GBP broken the top level of the Range and it’s came back again to the bottom of the support.

In this situation, market will keep moving between 0.8500 and 0.8300 prices before picking up a correct direction.

On other hand, EUR/USD reaches the major support level. Click here to check the EUR/USD Analysis.

If EUR/USD starts to move up from the support zone 1.05 then, we can expect an upward movement on EUR/GBP.

Let’s wait for the confirmation before taking any trades on this pair.

Note : Right Patience is the Key to Success in Forex Market. 

Two type of Patience that can change your Trading habit.

1) Wrong Patience = If you are more patience by holding your loosing trades for a long time, then you will mostly become loser in the Forex market.

2) Right Patience = Holding the Profit trades for a long time. Even, If you think that, market will reverse while your trade is running in profit, then you can keep holding your Profitable trades for long time using Trailing stop (or) Move your Stop Loss to Entry Price for Safe trading. Watch here “How to chase profits using Stop loss” :

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