EURUSD signal closed at an entry price level after a pullback

EURUSD Analysis

EURUSD is rebounding from the lower low level of the descending channel in the higher timeframe (daily chart). In the smaller timeframe 30-minutes chart, EURUSD has made a breakout and retest at the minor channel and starts to move up.

After both confirmations, EURUSD Buy signal is given .

But EURUSD went up near to target 1 +500 points, but didn’t reach the take profit. 

The market came back again to the entry price after the 2 days protection time.

As per signal rules, the EURUSD signal has closed at entry price level.

For new users: Please note that: EURUSD signal has already closed at entry price due to the range movement and 2 days protection rule. Keep following our signals as per the signal rules:

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Please be patience and wait for the next good opportunity signal. We always want you to trade safely at all market conditions.

EURO: ECB Lagarde speech

ECB Lagarde speech shows inflation drivers are going to fade in the medium term.

And Still, inflation rates could continue until Year-end. ECB may not rush to tighten monetary policy until Economy growth strengthens.

inflation rates could continue until Year-end. ECB may not rush to tighten monetary policy until Economy growth strengthens

The inflation target to reach 2% is our goal, and buoyant demand from consumers strengthens the economy.

The inflation outlook is better than during the pandemic. ECB Lagarde shows a dovish tone on rate hikes and tightening monetary policy tools.

Due to this Euro will become weaker more in the coming months if ECB continues the Dovish tone on the Euro economy.

US Dollar: US Initial Jobless claims lower than expected

US Dollar index recovers the correction losses.

US Initial Jobless Claims fell to 268000.

FED view on rate hikes twice in 2023

And Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index shows a positive number to 39 in November.

And Chicago FED President Evans said FED Do rate hikes in 2022 and be confident on it.

US Dollar stays stronger after US inflation and US retail sales data got improved numbers.

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