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Monday, May 23, 2022

NZDUSD Analysis:

NZDUSD is rebounding from the major support area and the lower low level of the descending channel in the weekly timeframe chart.

After the confirmation of Upward movement from the support area, NZDUSD buy signal is given , but Due to the US news , USD got stronger and the market made up and down movement between the entry price level for more than 2 days.

As per signal rules, the NZDUSD signal has closed at an entry price level due to the range movement and 2 days protection rule.

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New Zealand Dollar: No rate hikes until February 2022 from RBNZ

New Zealand Dollar makes lower as Lower interest rates have to be sustained until next February month 2022.

New Zealand Dollar makes lower as Lower interest rates have to be sustained until next February month 2022

And US FED taking fast actions against inflation rates make stable pricing for US Dollar and only due to the US Domestic data, New Zealand Dollar made movements this month.

Now  China Economy recovery shows moderate progress and makes supports Kiwi exports.

And this week US Non-farm payrolls data is yet to be released; based on the numbers printed, New Zealand Dollar shows the Directions.

US Dollar: White house like to extend the mandate mask period

The US would like to extend the mandate mask for travelers and Domestic passengers in All areas till March 18 2022, But the White House and Transportations security administration declined to comment.

White house US 1

As per rule January 18 2022, the mask mandate is progress and no further confirmation. The widespread of Covid-19 new variant mandate mask is much essential for Every US Citizens as of now. So today US President like to extend the period of mandate mask for every people.

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