Seven brand pills for female orgasm

If a woman wants to achieve orgasm, she should stick to seven brand pills, as the partner can not pull the entire sexual intercourse on himself. Women must understand the structure of her body and be able to purchase pills from reputable pharmacy and “disconnect” the head from unnecessary thoughts during sex.

For vaginal orgasm, a woman should be prepared for 20-30 minutes, and the uterine – about minutes 40 or more, while a man needs 2-3 minutes to ejaculate. If the partner does not understand the nature of the woman and performs sexual intercourse without her needs, it is unlikely that the woman will reach orgasm.

Personal effort

A woman should pursue sexual self-education. Without your attempts to master techniques, knowledge about erogenous zones, top-quality generics such as Viagra or Kamagra, understanding her own fantasies and desires, she will become completely dependent on the man.


It is necessary to train and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, including vaginal. When they are reduced during sexual intercourse, the woman prepares the body for orgasm. In addition, the sensations will become more vivid.

The duration of sexual intercourse

You need to master the secret of prolongation of sex in a man. It can be a long prelude and three minutes of friction or prolonged active intercourse. Sexual self-education will help in this matter. The main thing is the head. Thoughts help or harm the process. You need to find otc pills on trusted pharmacy and stop thinking about possible problems with orgasm, do not be shy and fully focus on the sensations. And fantasies will help to get excited.

Sex technique

A woman should know her erotic stimuli: music, pictures, fragrances, and touches. To achieve what you want, it is also important to know and apply poses. Twelve points. In the area of the genitals are: pubic, large and small labia, clitoris, point S (entry into the vagina), point G (front wall), point K (back wall of the vagina), point A (front arch); point P (rear arch), cervix, point U (urethra) and anus. A woman should know about erogenous zones and be able to excite them.