NZD/USD moving between the ranges in H1 chart

NZD/USD Analysis : NZD/USD moving Up and Down between the ranges for a long time in H1 Timeframe. Let’s wait for the confirmation of Breakout

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+1699 Points Profit Reached Successfully in NZD/CHF Sell Signal

Reason for Selling NZD/CHF : NZD/CHF reaches the major Resistance zone. We expect a Reversal from this resistance level 0.7290 Finally market reaches our Target

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+822 Points Profit reached successfully on NZD/USD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling NZD/USD : NZD/USD Re-Tested the Previous zone for Second time as per our NZD/USD analysis. (click here to check the analysis) We

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+829 Points Profit made in EUR/NZD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling EUR/NZD : After several re-test at the top level, EUR/NZD seems to move down and continue it’s downtrend. The Buyers in NZD is

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