+547 Points Profit reached in EUR/USD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling EUR/USD :  As per our EUR/USD previous Analysis Post(click here to see), we recommend our members to wait for the breakout from

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+550 Points Reached in EUR/USD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling EUR/USD: EUR/USD was moving up and down between the ranges in H1 Chart. As per the Economic news result, there’s no changes

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EUR/USD reaches the top level after long time, Waiting for Breakout ?

EUR/USD Analysis :  EUR/USD is moving Up and Down between the ranges in Weekly chart. On May 2015, EUR/USD reached the top price level 1.6

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EUR/USD starts to move up from Major Support Level

EUR/USD Analysis : Market starts to bounce back from the support level. This shows that EUR/USD still respecting the major support level. However, the long

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EUR/USD Reaches Important Support Zone

EUR/USD Analysis : Market Reaches the important Support Zone now. Due to the Effect of Donald Trump Victory on US Presidential Election, The USD has become

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+1707 Points Profit Reached in EUR/USD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling EUR/USD : According to EUR/USD Analysis given on previous week, Due to the sellers pressure, market breakout some levels and it’s moving

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