+2150 Points Reached in NZD/USD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling NZD/USD : The Huge number of Sellers Pressure in NZD/USD makes the market to continue it’s downtrend and it reaches the 5 Month

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NZD/USD moving between the ranges in H1 chart

NZD/USD Analysis : NZD/USD moving Up and Down between the ranges for a long time in H1 Timeframe. Let’s wait for the confirmation of Breakout

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NZD/USD Re-testing the previous zone for Second time. Good to sell ?

NZD/USD Analysis : Market Re-testing the Previous zone for second time. Wait for the confirmation of Reversal at the bottom to make good profits on

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+460 Points Profit Reached Successfully in NZD/USD Buy Signal

Reason for Buying NZD/USD : As per our Previous analysis on NZD/USD (Click here to see the analysis). Market Breakout the Top level of trend

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NZD/USD Bouncing up from the Low Level. Good to Buy ?

NZD/USD Analysis : Market hits the low level and bouncing up now. NZD/USD trying to make Retracements in a downtrend. Wait for the confirmation to

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