+700 Points Profit Reached in USD/CAD Buy Signal

Reason for Buying USD/CAD :  USD/CAD has formed an Ascending Triangle pattern in H4 Chart. As per the technical pattern, USD/CAD broken the top level.

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+700 Points Profit Reached Successfully in USD/CAD Sell Signal

Reason for Selling USD/CAD :  USD/CAD reaches the top major level and struggle to breakout the top. Due to the increase of sellers, Our analyst

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+2100 Points Reached in USD/CAD Buy Signal Successfully

Reason for Buying USD/CAD :  USD/CAD is moving in a downtrend by forming Lower highs and Lower lows in H1 chart. After Market breakout from

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+1586 Points Profit reached successfully in CAD/CHF Sell Signal

Reason for Selling CAD/CHF : CAD/CHF hardly reaches the top level for 3rd time. There’s no enough buyers for the market to pull up again.

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USD/CAD Struggling to Breakout ?

After a long time, again the USD/CAD reaches the top price level 1.3200. Market moving up without much retracements, it shows a strong upward move

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USD/CAD Trying to Breakout ? Going to Move up ?

1)After a lot of struggle in the USD/CAD Market, Now, USD/CAD is trying to Breakout the top level zone.  2) Today the news report on Canada’s

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