USD/CAD Analysis : 

USD/CAD is moving up and down between the range levels for a long time in H4 Chart.

Now USD/CAD reached the top zone for 5th time. We expected breakout due to the weakening of top zone.

Example : If you have a hammer in your hand, if you hit the wall for more times, wall will become weak. Weak wall will be broken easily at some point of time.

Similarly in Forex Market, In the Major top or bottom zones, if the market hits it for more times, zones will become weaker and get breakout easily. Hope you understand this Logic.

USD/CAD went upto +750 points profit but didn’t reach our take profit target.

As per our signal guidance, we have changed stop loss price to entry price. USDCAD signal closed at entryprice level(break-even).

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Thank you.
Forexgdp Team.

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