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Mon, Jul 22, 2024

+1042 Points Reached in USD/JPY Buy Signal

Our forex signals subscribers managed to get +1024 points profit using our USD/JPY signal. So how did we manage to make this possible? What caused the markets to behave in our favor? Find out below!

So What Happened with USD/JPY

USD/JPY reached the bottom zone in the 1-hour chart.

After the confirmation of reversal by seeing the Buyers Pressure through Continuous Bull Candles, USD/JPY Buy Signal ended up to the Supreme members.

USD/JPY reached our Profit Target Successfully.

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Factors that Impacted the USD/JPY

So how was this possible? Certain events were happening around the globe that caused the market to react this way. Our team of analysts and economists was able to identify these market changes before they happened. Some events that caused this are:

Japan Money Laundering Statistics

Japan has been one of the very few countries hesitant about legalizing the use of cryptocurrency. They believed that doing so would significantly increase money laundering, which would be bad for their economy. However, they gave in to pressure and did eventually legalize the use of cryptocurrency. Against all odds, recent statistics reveal that over 90% of the money laundering that occurs in Japan has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. This proves that the government had been wrong in its assumptions. This is a safe and secure method of payment. It should not be a concern since it’s legalized.

JPY Japanese Government Forecasted its FY 2022 GDP rate to be 5.6 as this year

Economists at Bitcoinist reveal, “According to the NPA’s figures, the increase in crypto-related money laundering is indicative of a general rise in illegal financial transactions across the board in 2018. The NPA says it recorded more than 417,000 cases of alleged money laundering, an increase of over 17,000 from 2017. Also, the percentage of crypto-related money laundering in the general reckoning has also increased. In 2018, 1.70 percent of money laundering was from cryptocurrency transactions, compared to 0.16 percent in 2017. As reported by Bitcoinist in January 2019, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulations on cryptocurrency will come into effect by Q3 2019.”

US-North Korea Talks

The US has long tried to cooperate with North Korea to come up with some sort of agreement that would benefit the two countries. However, these trade deals have almost always ended up being unsuccessful. There was recently another trade deal on the topic of nuclear security. They were discussing how to ban the use of nuclear energy for the safety of the planet in general. However, this decision was not acceptable by North Korea, and the talks ended up being a fail. Trump returned back to the US and stated that some deals are just not meant to happen.

Economists at The Conversation reveal, “For their part, the North Koreans want to neutralize the military threat from the US, see sanctions lifted, and obtain economic assistance to accelerate the development of their economy. The Trump administration, and much of the broader US foreign policy establishment, remain attached to the denuclearization of North Korea as the end game of this process. But denuclearization is a fantasy that is leaving Washington as the odd man out on the Korean Peninsula. The goalposts on the Korean Peninsula are changing as the momentum for inter-Korean engagement grows, while the importance of the US as the indispensable security guarantor is diminishing.”

US-Iran Controversy

Donald Trump is known to make claims that are simply not true or that just don’t make any sense. In a recent speech, he revealed how the previous president Obama had given Iran $150 billion in cash. This is an absurd amount of money. The money alone is hard to believe, but the fact that he said he gave it in cash makes it even more unlikely. This is exactly why people are quick to call him out on his lies, and Obama himself came out in a speech revealing that these are false allegations that will be dealing with through proper channels.

USD the biggest factors in causing the drop in gold rates these last few days has been the recent release of the feds hawkish outlook

Economists at Fact Check reveal, “As a candidate during the 2016 campaign, President Donald Trump criticized the international agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons program — formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — that had been adopted the year before. He suggested that the U.S. had returned $150 billion to Iran as part of the deal. But Trump has repeated the claim as recently as December that the Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing. Still, they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?”

US-Pakistan Conflict over India

Pakistan recently faced pressure from the US and other first-world countries like the UK to release Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who ended up in Pakistan territory. Although Pakistan’s prime minister reveals that they will release him to maintain peace, there is a good possibility there was pressure involved that made him do so by the US. The US was not going to come in between another battle between the two countries, which is why it urged them to return the commander and maintain peace in the region.


Economists at NDTV reveal, “India sighed with relief when Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman would be sent home on Friday as a “peace gesture” — a move that came with immense international pressure to pull both countries back from the brink. Leading the way, NDTV has learned, were the US, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. There has been no official comment from the Indian government on these efforts. It was, however, clear that Washington had played a key role when President Donald Trump told the world media from Hanoi on Thursday morning that reasonably attractive news was coming from India and Pakistan”.

Conclusion on USD/JPY

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