Frequently Asked Questions

Check commonly asked users question regarding our Forex Signals Service

What is your Forex Signals Winning Ratio ?

We have 80 to 95% Winning Ratio.


How to trust your signal service is good or not ?

The results you get from our signal service will give you confidence and tells you whether our service is good or not. We are here to prove you the signal results in real time. First, please kindly try our Free signal service until you satisfied, later you can join in our paid signal service. Click here to join in our Forex signal services You can check our past signal results by Clicking here


If I Join today(Jan 13) on 1 month Plan, when my Signal Subscription will get Expire ? 

It will get expire after 30 days. Example : Your plan active from Jan 13 to Feb 13.


What is the Minimum Trading balance required to follow your signals ?

You can use any Trading account size for following our signals, But You must have to use Proper Money Management depend on your trading balance.


Why the signals are Accurate most of the time ?

We will send you Forex Signals Only at good opportunities found in the market by our analyst team. We believe Quality of Signals is more Important than Quantity of Signals. we are always happy to share our knowledge and help all the traders around the world for getting Success in Forex Trading. Our Kind Advice to all the trader are “Don’t Trade Forex Market all the time, Trade Forex Only at Good Opportunities available in the market” You will see Great Profitable Results, if you focus on Good Quality Trades, instead of taking more bad trades.


How do I receive the Signals on Whatsapp ? Whatsapp group (or) Individual Whatsapp message ?

You will receive signals to your Whatsapp in the form of Individual chat message. 


I have registered in your signal service, But from last 7 days, I don’t receive any messages on my whatsapp from your Company? What I need to do now ?

Please check, you have saved our whatsapp number on your phone correctly. If not saved, then please save our whatsapp number Correct on your Whatsapp and phone, with the name “Forexgdp” Check here for saving Whatsapp number correct on your phone :

If you need any help, please click here to contact now (or)


What is your SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit) ranges ?

SL ranges from 10 to 100 pips (100 to 1000 points) and TP ranges from 30 to 600 pips (300 to 6000 points) depend on market conditions.


What is your Risk Reward ratio ?

we have 1 : 1 to 1 : 8 Risk Reward Ratio (or) more depend on market conditions.


Is it possible to have Continuous losses on you Signals ?

No, we don’t have continuous losses. The reason is,  If one of our analyst gives a signal and went into loss, then the same analyst is not allowed to provide the signal continuously. A different analyst will provide you the next signal. We don’t want any of the analyst to get into an Psychological trap and also the trader. Most of our Signal Subscribers trade their account easier without any worries because, we have a proper planning for trading with care.


I want to test your service before joining in Paid services ? How to know whether your service is good (or) Bad ?

You can try our Free service until you satisfied, then you can join in our paid services later.


I have lost more money with different Forex traders, trainers, Service providers, I don’t know how to believe which company is good for helping me to get success in Forex Trading ?

You can choose the Good Company by trying their service in Free trial or demo or low cost plans for few days or months until you get satisfied. Please don’t believe the people (or) Companies who showing you the live account proof . Nowadays, most of the Scam Forex Brokers focus on looting the money from people faster, Scam Forex Brokers help Marketing people to create a Fake Live account and profit history on their broker to bring more customers to their broker. Don’t fall on this trap. If You want to believe a trader (or) Company, wait and see the Live opening and closing of trades with stop loss and take profit ratio (or) Ask to the trader (or) Company for trading signals with stop loss and take profit, then check yourself their signals with demo account for few days until you get satisfied. Finally, By this way, You can find out the good trader (or) Company easier. I hope this helps you to find genuine services.


I’m Looking to make big profits with small account ! How is it possible ?

You can make big profits with small account is possible only through Learning the Correct Forex Strategies. There are lot of forex trading information and materials on internet like a Garbage, But if you keep searching and learning all the things about forex on internet, Then you will not become a Successful Trader easier. You should have to learn Forex market from the Correct Forex Experts who can teach you Forex trading clearly with broad and Open minded.

Learn Forex Market in Correct way = Gain more knowledge = Get Confidence = You will hold you Profitable trade for long time = Become Profitable Trader = Become a Successful Person in your Life.

Example : An Olympic Shooter without having Confidence on his Goal can’t shoot his Target Successfully. Similarly, if you don’t have Knowledge or Confidence in forex market, you can’t get Success.

If you are interested to learn forex trading from the Forex Experts Team. Join in our Online Forex trading courses here :


Who started the Forexgdp ?

Forexgdp was started by a Group of Traders from different countries (Singapore, Thailand, India, Dubai, UK, US) around the world. Each members have 15 to 20 years experience in Forex Trading Business. We are Service Providers for the Forex brokers and Financial Institutions. Our team has worked and are working with Major banks, Financial Institutions and various Forex brokers as Forex Trader, Fund Manager, Administrator, Dealer and other different positions in Forex Trading Companies. 


How to Join in your Forex Signals ?

Click here to join Forex signals now


Where can I check the Past Signals Performances ?

Click here to check our past performance signal Results.


How can I learn your Personal Forex Trading Strategies ?

Please contact us on skype id : forexgdp


How to send payment to Forexgdp ?

You can send us payment through  Credit card, Debit Card, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Western Union, International Bank Transfer and Thailand Bank Transfer.

Send payment in 10 minutes using your Credit Card or Debit card through (or) (or)

Click here to read the simple steps to send payment using Credit/Debit card through 

Click here to read the simple steps to send payment using Credit/Debit card through 

Click here to read the simple steps to send payment using Credit/Debit card through (US Citizens not allowed)


What is the difference between Pip and Points ?

1 pip = 10 points (pipettes)

For example : 200 pips = 2000 points

pip is used to calculate 4 digit decimal value in currency pairs. Example : 1.1234

points (or) pipettes is used to calculate 5 digit decimal value in currency pairs. Example : 1.12345


What is Money Management ? How much is the Volume Lot Size, I need to use on my trading account ?

According to our Money Management Rule, We recommend our Traders to use Correct lot size depend on their trading balance for making consistent profits.

For example : If you have 1000$ USD balance, you can use Maximum 0.10 lot (0.02+0.03+0.05 = 0.10 lot) it should be your maximum running lot on your 1000$ trading account.

10,000$ USD balance = 1 lot maximum

20,000$ USD balance = 2 lot maximum

25,000$ USD balance = 2.5 lot maximum

Hope you understand now about the simple money management rule.

This is the Good Habit and discipline need to be followed by the traders. If you have bad habits and bad discipline about the Money management, please change your habits immediately. Example : If a child is growing with bad parents, then he/she will become a bad person and once he become old, it’s very difficult to change his bad mind to Good mind. Similary, if you are learning this forex business in Correct way and from Correct Forex Coacher from the beginning, you will surely become a Good and Successful forex trader. Using high lots for small balance is risky one and it’s a very bad habit for most of the beginners in forex. Most of the traders don’t grow up to next level due to this bad habits. Once you leave this bad money management habits, you can see a positive results and discipline on your trading soon.


If you need any help, please click here to contact now (or) send email to :

We are ready to help you always !

Thank you!
Forexgdp Team.

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