Advanced Trading course

Learn Advanced Trading from Forex Experts

This course is designed for Peoples who want to Learn Advanced Strategies and techniques about the Forex Trading Market. Learn about the Activities, Behaviour and Trading Techniques of Successful Individual Traders. Once you Complete our Advanced course, you will start to trade Forex Market without anyone’s support. Because we will teach you Forex Trading Concept and Techniques until you understand the concept completely.

Session 1: Introduction to Advanced Trading

  1. Introduction to Advanced level Trading
  2. Advanced trading chart setup
  3. Types of Traders
  4. Which Kind of Trader you want to become ?

Session 2: Advanced Technical Analysis -1

  1. Intraday Analysis
  2. Short term Analysis
  3. Scalping Analysis Technique
  4. Day Trading Analysis
  5. STPA Analysis
  6. Long Term Analysis
    1. Trend Analysis
    2. Level Analysis
    3. Channel Analysis
    4. TS Analysis

Session 3: Advanced Technical Analysis – 2

  1. Range Trading Analysis
  2. Range Breakout Techniques
  3. Swing Trading Analysis
  4. Price Action Analysis
  5. Volume Analysis

Sesssion 4: Advanced Technical Analysis – 3

  1. Candlesticks Techniques
  2. Elliot Wave Analysis
  3. Fibonacci Retracement Technique
  4. Fibonacci Extension Technique
  5. Number Analysis

Session 5: Advanced Technical Analysis – 4

  1. Technical Pattern Analysis
  2. Accurate Entry and Exit Level Analysis
  3. High Probability trade analysis
  4. Risk – Reward Ratio
  5. Important Tools Analysis

Session 6: Fundamental Analysis

  1. How to find the Market movement during News releases?
  2. How to predict the news result before release?
  3. How to make big profit in short time?
  4. Which news event is easy to trade?
  5. Advanced News Trading Strategies

Session 7: Management Techniques

  1. Profit Management Techniques
  2. Loss Management Techniques
  3. Loss Recovery Techniques
  4. Lot Management Techniques
  5. Money Management Techniques.

 Session 8: Trading Psychology

  1. Normal mind Vs Trading Mind
  2. How to handle your trading emotions?
  3. How to control the greed and get a successful trader’s mind?
  4. How to change your emotional mind to Pro Trader’s mind?
  5. How to trade Forex with Full Confidence at all the time?

Session 9: Strategy development

  1. Advanced strategies
  2. Developing your advanced trading strategy
  3. How to back test your trading strategy?
  4. Practicing your trading skills
  5. Testing your Skills


Advanced course Fee : $274

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