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Fri, Sep 29, 2023

CADJPY Ascending Triangle Analysis

CADJPY is moving in an Ascending Triangle for a long time in the daily chart.

Now, CADJPY touched the bottom zone (higher low) of the Ascending Triangle.

Let’s wait for the confirmation of Reversal or Breakout.

EURCAD Re-test Analysis

EURCAD has broken the top zone of the descending channel recently.

Breakout and retest happen in EURCAD h4

After the breakout, Market re-tested the breakout level and starts to bounce back.

CADCHF Channel Breakout Analysis

CADCHF has moved in an Ascending channel by creating higher highs, higher lows in 4-hour time frame chart.


Recently, CADCHF has broken the bottom level of the Ascending channel and starts to fall down.

We are waiting for the market to retest the breakout level for entering with low-risk trade.

Let’s wait for the confirmation of re-test and reversal from the re-test level.

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