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Advanced PRO Trader Course
4 mins well spent

Level 3 : Advanced Professional Trading Course

Learn Everything about the Forex Trading Market. Learn about the Activities, Behaviour and Trading Techniques of International Banks, Institutional Traders, Liquidity Providers, Forex Brokers, Fund Managers and  Retail Pro Traders. Learn from Top to Bottom about the Forex Market will make you a Great Trader in Life !

Session 1 : Introduction to Professional Trading

  1. Introduction to Pro Trader
  2. What Pro Trader knows ? Others Don’t know ?
  3. Psychology and Risk of Successful Traders
  4. Inside the Banks
  5. How to find Hidden Opportunities in the Market ?

Session 2 : International Banks Trading Techniques

  1. Introduction to Inter-Bank Trading
  2. How to setup a Trading chart same like International Bank Traders ?
  3. Tools used by the Bank Traders
  4. Most Successful Inter-Bank Strategy
  5. How to Follow Inter-Bank Traders without any problems ?
  6. Working out the Inter-Bank Strategy in Live Market

Session 3 : Liquidity Providers (LP)

  1. Introduction to Liquidity Providers
  2. Role of Liquidity Providers in Forex Market
  3. How LPs work ?
  4. How to check which LPs are good/bad ?
  5. Major Liquidity Providers

Session 4 : Forex Brokers

  1. Who is Forex Broker ?
  2. How Forex Broker works ?
  3. Networks in Forex Brokers
  4. MT4 Manager
  5. Background Operations of Forex Brokers
  6. Licensed/UnLicensed Forex brokers
  7. How STP Forex Broker Works?
  8. How ECN Forex Broker Works ?
  9. How MM Forex Broker Works?
  10. How to find SCAM Forex Brokers ?
  11. How Forex Brokers Makes Money ?
  12. How to Trade without the fear of Forex Broker ?

Session 5 : Institutional Traders

  1. Introduction to Institutional traders ?
  2. How to setup a Trading chart same like Institutional Traders
  3. Tools used by the Institutional Traders
  4. Institutional Traders Strategies.
  5. Risk and Trade Management of Institutional Traders
  6. Live workout of Trading Strategies

Session 6  : Fund Managers

  1. Introduction to Fund Managers
  2. Fund Managers Trading Techniques
  3. How to become a Fund Manager ?
  4. How to get a Fund Manager License ?
  5. How to become a Trader in Major Banks, Financial Institutions ?

Session 7 : Retail Pro Traders

  1. How to find the Exact Price where the market get reverse ?
  2. Charts and Tools Setup
  3. How to find which time you can make money surely ? Note : Successful Traders spend time for watching and analyzing markets 90% and do trade only 10% of their time.
  4. How Pro Traders react in different market situations ?
  5. Finding Jackpot Areas in the Market to make a guaranteed profit.

Session 8 : Chart Analysis 

  1. Drawing Major and Minor price levels of the market.
  2. Which Pivot Points is best for Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices.
  3. How to find which Market is suitable for what kind of analysis ?
  4. All major Chart Patterns analysis.
  5. How to find the Correct Pattern in the chart ?

Session 9 : Japanese Candlesticks Successful Strategies

  1. How Japanese Candlesticks help us to find the future movement ?
  2. Finding the Buyers and Sellers Pressure in the Market
  3. Candlesticks Analysis using Price Action
  • Bullish Engulfing
  • Bearish Engulfing
  • Harami
  • Doji
  • Kicker
  • Pin Bar setup
  • Hammer
  • Hanging Man
  • Dark Cloud Cover
  • Morning Star
  • Evening Star
  • Shooting Star
  • Piercing
  • Longer Shadow
  • Tweezer

4. Live workout with Candlesticks analysis
5. Managing Candlesticks to make profit Intraday trading.

Session 10 : Other Personal Trade Strategies

  1. Strategy using Price Action
  2. Strategy using Volume
  3. Strategy using tools
  4. Strategy using Bankers data
  5. Strategy using candlesticks

Session 11 : Creating your Own Trading Plan

  1. How to write your own trading plan?
  2. How to test your trading plan works for a long time or not ?
  3. Tools and Softwares for checking and testing your trade plan.
  4. Creating your own proper trading rules
  5. Developing your trading plan to a Stable level for making consistent profit.
  6. Creating a Money Management rules for your Strategy
  7. Opening a Live account after a successful testing of your trade plan.

Session 12 : Handling Psychology

  1. How Psychology affects your trading ?
  2. How to Overcome your Psychological Emotions ?
  3. How to avoid Over Trading ?
  4. How to Avoid Stress/Tensions while doing the trade ?
  5. How to take big risks without any Tension ?
  6. Beating up your Bad Psychological thoughts
  7. Win Psychology ! Win Trade !

Advanced PRO Trader Course Fee : 

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Want to become a Professional Forex Trader ? How Forex Professional trader place a trade ? First, the pro trader does not have any emotional problems with the market. They do not trade forex market all the time, Pro fx traders trade forex only at good market opportunities.

Professional traders know how the big funds comes in and goes out with the help of various pro strategies. Real Buyers and Sellers in the forex market are easily identified. Big Participants in forex market are Major banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Citibank, etc,. If you know how this big banks buying and selling in forex market, then you will make big profits easier, Because they are the Major players moving the forex market heavily. Buyers and Sellers pressure are decided by their decisions. In Forex GDP professional Course, We will teach you the forex trading strategies used by the Big major banks in forex market. We created this course with the knowledge of our team mate former bank employee, Risk Manager, Forex Liquidity Dealer, etc.

If you want to know how to catch the trade before big movements in forex market, you can join in this pro forex trader course online now.

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