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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How to Control Emotions During Trading – Forex Psychology
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Forex traders often feel different kinds of emotion during trading. As a result, the decision-making process often faces some difficulties due to human emotions. In this article, we are going to expose various kinds of it that Forex traders feel. If they cannot manage this feeling and take necessary steps for controlling those, it will be a hinder to reach destiny.

Emotions are typical for human

Humans are considered the most emotional in nature. In any kind of situation, human show their emotion based on the overall situation. There is a ubiquitous example to clarify the emotion of the human being. If you remember the final match of the 2006 FIFA world cup, Zinedine Zidane reacted emotionally during the match that cost them the tournament.  Those are pervasive, and we show it in every aspect of our daily life. But it is not very good to show emotion everywhere, because it can make an impact on life. The logical point is human souls are compassionate and prone to react with the feelings.

In the trading business, there are a lot of investors who make decisions based on emotion. As a result, they face some potential losses. Now we will try to disclose the different emotions that Forex traders feel. We will also discuss the potential pitfalls and the avoiding process, which can make the business process effective for the future. You can use the autochartist from Rakuten Securities Australia to reduce your stress in chart pattern trading. But remember, the chart pattern requires patience and tons of experience. Without mastering the art to control the emotions, you should definitely rely on advanced chart pattern identifier tools.


The overall success in the financial industry is depended on psychology. Professionals and experienced tell that 90% of the success is related to the psychology of the trader. As the market condition is volatile, we have to think about controlling the emotion. Sometimes the novice traders feel alone and take unnecessary decisions. This can lead them to lose a huge amount of profit. So own psychology is the worst enemy for the investors. It is the responsibility of every trader to make a plan for controlling the emotion and make stable psychology for a better decision. Investors are the chief decision-maker, so it will not be very hard to control these portions.

Identifying the emotions

There are three common emotions that are paramount when we think about Forex trading. These are hope, fear and greed. If an investor can control these three, he will be able to maintain the business properly.

Greed is one of the deadly sins of human beings. Both novice and veteran investors can damage their career just for greed.  The path of destruction can be created if greed is not controlled. It is quite challenging to control greed if there is some monetary aspect is involved. High leverage can also make the process harder for investors. You can see many brokers who offer leverage around 1:500 for each currency pairs, that means traders can bring up a smaller amount of asset but seek for the massive gain. The other lousy impact of greed is leading the beginners to do overtrading.  To complete the excess amount of deals, they often take unnecessary risks and rapidly squander the account balance.

Fear can also make them emotional for taking any decision. Yes, we can surely hope for the best, but that does not mean to be over-emotional in decision making.

Common tips to control emotions during trading

  1. Stick to the specific trading strategy
  2. Use the blend of analysis
  3. Never use greed for money to make the decisions
  4. Use the amount of money that you can afford to lose.
  5. Try to remove the candlestick colour

When you are honest with your work, then a significant result will surely come. Take care of your emotions, and it will help you to succeed rapidly.


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