Basic Forex Course

Basic Forex Trading course for Beginners

Once you Complete Our Basic course, You will start to make money in Forex Market Independently with the Basic Techniques.

Session 1 : Introduction to Forex Trading

  1. Introduction to Online Trading
  2. What is Forex Trading?
  3. Who is the owner of Forex Market?
  4. Who are doing this Forex Trading business?
  5. Difference between Forex Market and Other Markets?
  6. Why Forex Markets are better than other financial markets?

Session 2: How Forex Trading works ?

  1. How to make profit in Forex Market?
  2. When to Buy and When to Sell Currencies?
  3. Types of Currency Pairs
  4. What moves the Forex Market?
  5. How normal peoples make money in Forex Trading ?

Session 3: Forex Brokers

  1. How to choose Best forex broker ?
  2. How Forex broker works?
  3. Who are there above the forex Broker ?
  4. How to find Cheating brokers ?
  5. How to deposit and withdraw money safer in Brokers ?

Sesssion 4: Forex Trading Tools

  1. Opening Practice account on your name
  2. How to setup a trading chart?
  3. Top 10 Trading tools
  4. Basic Tools in Trading Software
  5. Different Chart types
  6. How to Find best Support and Resistance Levels by yourself ?

Session 5: Technical Analysis 1 – Components, Buying and Selling Currencies

1. Candlesticks

2. Technicals of Forex Trading

3. Important components in FX trading – 1

  • Pip
  • Pipette
  • Lot
  • Spread
  • Commission
  • Leverage

4. Important components in FX trading – 2

  • Liquidity
  • Balance
  • Equity
  • Stop out level
  • Margin.
  • Free Margin
  • Margin call
  • Margin call level
  • Margin trading

5. How we can BUY or SELL currency to make profit in forex trading?

6. How to PRE-BUY or PRE-SELL currencies in forex trading market?

Session 6 : Technical Analysis 2 – Chart Patterns

  1. Chart Patterns
  2. Candlestick chart patterns
  3. Line Chart Patterns
  4. Trend Patterns
  5. Continuation Chart Patterns
  6. Reversal Chart Patterns
  7. Elliot wave patterns
  8. Triangle patterns
  9. Rising wedges and Falling wedges
  10. Bullish Rectangle patterns
  11. Bearish Rectangle patterns
  12. HS pattern
  13. Channel patterns
  14. Finding Patterns yourself on the chart

Session 7: Technical Analysis 3 

  1. Intraday Analysis
  2. Which timeframes are Suitable for Successful Trading?
  3. Moving Averages
  4. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  5. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  6. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  7. Bollinger Bands
  8. Parabolic SAR
  9. Stochastic
  10. Range bars
  11. Fibonacci Retracements

Session 8 : Fundamental Analysis

  1. How to Analyze the markets fundamentally ?
  2. Watching news and predicting the market
  3. Trading the news events
  4. Fundamental trading techniques
  5. Finding the real big and faster movements in Forex market.

Session 9: Which Type of Trader you want to become?

  1. Different Types of FOREX Traders
  2. Which type of Trader you want to become ?
  3. Which Trading style is Suitable for you ?
  4. Money Management
  5. Account Management
  6. How to trade with risks ?
  7. How to trade without risks ?

Session 10: Creating your Own Trading system

  1. Types of Trading systems
  2. Choosing your Trading system
  3. We help you to create your Own Trading System
  4. Testing your Trading System
  5. Start to make profits in your trading accounts

After completing our Basic course, You are Eligible for doing Forex Trading Independently.  If you are satisfied with our basic course and you still like to learn more about Forex Trading and advanced techniques, you can join in our Advanced Course.


Basic course Fee : $97

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We are ready to help you always !

Thank you !

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