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Sun, May 19, 2024

Forex Trading Whatsapp Group Links

Why Join ForexGDP WhatsApp Group?

Our Forex trading WhatsApp group gives you latest accurate forex chart analysis and trading signals with entry price, stop loss and take profit price. Forex Signals are provided by 20+ years experienced professionals. You will receive the signal only at the best trade setup for making consistent profits.

how forex trading works watching trading screen

Please don’t trade all the time for losing money!

Instead trade forex only at good trading opportunities available in the market for making better profits.

Do you want the best forex signals from our Forex trading Whatsapp group?

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Get Gold Trading Signal (XAUUSD), EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD and Other major currency pairs, Exotic currency pairs and Commodity trading signal.

Receive technical analysis for each forex signal with the reasons for buying and selling the trade order in forex market.

Get Intraday calls, latest trading ideas with chart analysis for helping you to trade with confidence.

  1. You just need to simply follow the signals by entering at the right entry price with Stop loss and take profit.
  2. Then just set and forget the trade.

Now your trading looks like a professional trader account. Only patience is needed with you to see profits on your account.

Types of Trading Signals:

Our forex trading WhatsApp group offers different types of trading signals including:

  • pending orders
  • trailing stop updates, etc.

All depend on good market possibilities.

buy sell indicators in forex trading

1) Instant order trading signal

Buy at Current Market price immediately is known as Instant order signal.

2) Range Signal

A signal is provided with the entry price range.

For example:

  • Buy EURUSD at any price between 1.1120 until 1.1110
  • You can place your first buy trade at 1.1120 and if market comes down, you can place your second buy trade at 1.1115 and final entry price should be 1.1110
  • Here, you are buying EURUSD at any price between 1.1120 and 1.1110. This is known as Range Signal.

This range signal is very useful for entering into the trade without missing the entry price if the market moves fast.

3) Pending Order signals

You will receive pending order trade alerts at major support and resistance levels, After breakout confirmations and retesting breakout level price zones, etc.

Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop, Trailing stop for pending orders are all informed to you for performing safe trades.

Free Vs Paid Forex Trading Whatsapp Group

If you want to test the trading signals with your forex broker account, you can join in free forex trading WhatsApp group to start receiving trail tips.

Free signals forex Whatsapp group receive only a few signals at a limited amount of time like 1 trade signal per week. However, the signal quality remains the same as the paid forex signals.

In the free forex trading WhatsApp group, you can expect up to 4 trade signal per month with basic strategy entry and exit trade setup which will give you a target of 100 to 200 pips profit. If you like to earn more profits using advanced strategy entry and exit trade setup, you can upgrade to paid signals plan.

Unlike other whatsapp signal providers, you can trade with all forex brokers trading platform in the world using our free services.

Register here to receive access to our free forex whatsapp group link.

Paid Forex Trading WhatsApp Group

If you are a serious forex trader who likes to receive more high-quality fx signals depend on various forex trading strategies such as price action, Candlestick Chart Analysis, Key Levels, Trending and Trend Reversal and Breakout strategy, You should definitely try at least 1-month paid plan.

forex signals buy sell at accurate entry price

In Paid forex signals, There are two trading signal plans, Premium and Supreme.

1) Premium

  • Premium signals net profit is +700 pips per month.
  • Accurate Entry and Exits with Advanced Trade Setups.
  • Perfect Trade Ideas
  • Big Trade Signals for catching more pips
  • Trend Reversal Signals for entering into the market at the best entry price

2) Supreme

  • In supreme forex plan, you will receive all the options in Premium + you will receive the following extra features.
  • +1500 pips net profit per month.
  • All premium signal options + News Trading Signals
  • Jackpot Entry Trades (1:5 to 1:10 risk-reward trade)
  • Commodity Signal

Supreme Forex Trading WhatsApp Group subscription is the top most plan out of all other services.

Forex Trading WhatsApp Group Rules

Most of the forex traders are emotional and not patience while trading. You should always be patience while following our signals.

Don’t do Overtrading on your account, Your overall maximum open trade position should be 5.

Always trade using the Stop loss for all your positions. Our Stop loss level should be an important key level.

Follow ForexGDP Signals by understanding the technical chart analysis for each signal. This will definitely help you to trade with confidence.

You will receive all forex trading signals to your whatsapp in the form of an individual message.

Beginners traders to Professional forex traders can follow Forexgdp recommendations easier.

Don’t share any unnecessary forex trading WhatsApp group links or other spam group links for self-promotion.

Free forex signals to your WhatsApp

Do you want best forex trading WhatsApp group link ?

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Check our South African forex Whatsapp group

Don’t trade all the time, Trade forex market only at good trade setups.

It is better to do nothing instead of taking wrong trades.

20+ years forex specialist team are here to help you on providing the forex signals only at good trade setup.

If you want to test our forex signals, try our free forex trading WhatsApp group until you get satisfied, later join in paid plans.

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