Money Management in Forex Trading

What is Money Management ? How much is the Volume Lot Size, Do I need to use on my trading account ?

According to our Money Management Rule, We recommend our Traders to use Correct lot size depend on their trading balance for making consistent profits.

For example : If you have 1000$ USD balance, you can use Maximum 0.10 lot (0.02+0.03+0.05 = 0.10 lot) it should be your maximum running lot on your 1000$ trading account.

10,000$ USD balance = 1 lot maximum

20,000$ USD balance = 2 lot maximum

25,000$ USD balance = 2.5 lot maximum

Hope you understand now about the simple money management rule.

This is the Good Habit and discipline need to be followed by the traders. If you have bad habits and bad discipline about the Money management, please change your habits immediately. Using high lots for small balance is risky one and it’s a very bad habit for most of the beginners in forex. Most of the traders don’t grow up to next level due to this bad habits. Once you leave the bad money management habits, you can see a positive results and growth on your trading soon.


We believe, all our members are growing well in Forex with us by learning a lot of worthable things in short time. You always keep improving your Trading skills faster with our Forex Experts Support.

If you have any Questions, Feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you always !

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