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Sun, May 28, 2023

GBPJPY is moving in a Descending Channel
1 mins well spent

GBPJPY Technical Analysis

GBPJPY is moving in a downtrend line for a long time by forming lower highs, lower lows in H1-Timeframe Chart.

GBJPY starts to fall after breaking the recent low level. Expect retest at 134.60 to 134.70 and then it will fall again.

Expecting Another Lower low before bouncing back.

This week economic data release boosted Pound Sterling.

Today EU and UK talks may boost sterling higher on Monday.

But negotiations progressing well or not, but good outcome expects from the investor meeting happening today.

Next week KeyPoint for sterling: Lancet Medical journal says, phase 1 vaccine tested by Oxford University is undergoing in trail progress, it creates antibodies and T cells to double defence against COVID-19, if vaccine trial gives a successful result, then the vaccine will reach to people in early 2021.

The Covid-19 situation makes most of them Financially lose and some of them become super-wealthy. Especially in Medicine and food field.

Save your time on analyzing the market and take your trades only at good opportunities available in the market.

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