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Mon, Jul 22, 2024

USDCAD bounces back from the low level and closed at the entry price
1 mins well spent

After 4 years, USDCAD hits the 2017 Support level.

USDCAD is bouncing back from the 2017 support level and lower low level of the downtrend line in the daily timeframe chart.

USDCAD has went up +800 points near to the take profit, but it didn’t reach it.

As per our signal rules, If the market doesn’t reach target 1 within 2 days, we recommend our users to protect the trade by moving your stop loss or Take Profit to entry price for safe trading.

Due to this 2 days expiry rule, USDCAD has moved up and down between the entry price and profit target for more than 2 days and it has closed at the entry price level.

At all the market conditions, We always want you to trade safe using our signal rules. please read it completely here:

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