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Thu, Nov 30, 2023

A successful trader is one who follows proper forex trading philosophies. These are rules and characteristics that every trader needs to possess if they wish to become successful in the future. Here are the top forex trading philosophy you should know:

Trading Plan

Without a well-thought-out game plan for each deal, a successful trader won’t be able to maintain their advantage for very long. Successful currency traders have a detailed strategy that they follow for each position they hold. This strategy should include position size, an entry point, a stop-loss exit, and a take-profit exit.

Successful traders maintain a flexible approach to their take profits, sometimes settling for less if they determine that is all they can take out of the market at the moment and other times increasing their profit targets if they judge that market developments are shifting in their favor and the market is moving in the direction they anticipate. However, unless it is to their benefit to locking in gains, they will not change the initial setting of their stop-loss orders and will not relocate them from their original position.

Anticipate Outcomes

There are some parallels that can be drawn between trading and the game of chess, in which the most skilled players consider many moves ahead of their opponents. Forex traders that are successful in the market anticipate what will happen in the future and analyze the extent to which the market has (or has not) priced in an expected outcome.

They also take into consideration the expected reactions if the event matches – or fails to match – those expectations and then design trading strategies based on those potential outcomes. The forward-looking trader has a game plan that is already in place and is ready to trade while the rest of the market is trying to figure out what to make of the event, examining charts and redrawing trend lines.

Have Flexibility

Traders who are successful in currency transactions avoid developing emotional attachments to their holdings. They are aware that it is not about being correct or incorrect; rather, it is about maximizing profits and reducing losses as much as possible.

Instead of waiting for the price movement to pull them out of their trade, they adjust to the fresh information and news that comes their way and promptly close out an open position if circumstances run opposite to what they were expecting. At the same time, they are on the lookout for new business possibilities that may arise in the market and are ready to act on any that they discover. In order to be ready for everything, they need to make sure they have enough margin open for extra roles.

Know the Technical

Even if they are not actively pursuing a trading strategy that is based on technical analysis, successful currency traders are still aware of the significant technical levels present in the currency pairs that they are trading. For instance, they are familiar with the primary Fibonacci retracement levels, the locations of numerous moving averages, significant short-term and long-term trend lines, and significant recent highs and lows.

Interpret Market

Forex trading philosophies believe traders who are successful are able to determine whether the market is moving or whether it is more likely to remain contained inside ranges. If they believe that the market is going in a certain direction, they will try to align themselves with that direction rather than going against it. When the direction is higher in the short term, they search for levels to get long at, and when the direction is lower in the short term, they look for levels to get short at.

In the same breath, they are cognizant of the fact that trends may and do regularly reverse. Consequently, as the bigger trend develops, they are also making an effort to proactively capture profit and limit loss at critical technical moments. Successful currency traders are able to switch gears and become contrarians if the environment supports range trading.

This means selling at the top of the range when everyone else is buying or buying near the bottom of the range when everyone else is selling. Equally as essential is the fact that while they are engaging in range trading, they have established a final point at which the range will be broken. If that threshold is reached, they adjust themselves accordingly without showing any sorrow, maybe even going in the other direction.

Look Straight

Many profitable forex traders limit their attention to only one or two currency pairings for the vast majority of their trades. They are able to obtain a better sense of such marketplaces in terms of the price levels and behavior of prices as a result of their actions. Additionally, it reduces the quantity of information and data that needs to be monitored by them. First and foremost, they are aware that various currency pairings each have their own unique trading characteristics, and they are able to adapt their strategies accordingly as they go from one pair to the next.

Protect Profits

Traders that are successful make it a habit to constantly seek to take profit and minimize losses. This might take the form of a partial take profit, the modification of a stop order, or the total squaring up of a position and stepping back following a market movement that was advantageous. Successful traders know that when a deal is lucrative or the risk has been minimized, the most important thing is to hold on to what they’ve already made rather than taking a chance to make a little bit more money.

Use Stop Loss

Every successful trader has financial setbacks from time to time. They are able to actively manage their risk and safeguard their revenues, which is the primary factor that contributes to their long-term success. Always having a stop loss in place is absolutely essential if you want to avoid having a typical losing trade turn into a deal that wipes out your whole account. It is important to keep in mind, however, that putting stop and limit orders could not always prevent you from incurring more losses.

Track Trades

Your trading account will be in one of these three states at the conclusion of each month, quarter, or year depending on the results of your trades: either you earned a profit over the course of that period, about broke even, or lost money. Regardless of the group you belong in, maintaining and analyzing a track record of your transactions is the most important thing you can do to improve your outcomes in the following time period. For example, if you find that you have lost money trading around the US Non-Farm Payroll report in ten of the twelve months, you could theoretically improve your results by avoiding trading during that time period next year. This would be the case if you discovered that you have lost money trading around the report in ten of the twelve months.

Trading Psychology

It is not other traders, central banks, or your broker that pose the greatest threat to your profitability in trading; rather, it is you. When a new trader experiences elation after a string of good transactions or depression after a string of unsuccessful deals, they frequently have a tendency to deviate from the well-established trading plan that they have developed for themselves. Strong emotions, especially when it comes to trading, can impede reasonable thought and lead to unsatisfactory results. In order to remain at the top of their trading game and control their emotions effectively, successful traders know how to regulate their emotions, which may include taking a day or two off when their feelings get too high or low.

forex trading philosophy

Comprehension Market Movements

To settle on normal trading choices, the FOREX broker must be knowledgeable in business sector developments. He must have the capacity to apply specialized studies to graphs and plot section and leave focuses. He must exploit the different sorts of requests to minimize his danger and augment his benefit.

The initial phase in turning into an effective FOREX broker is to comprehend the business sector and the strengths behind it. Who exchanges FOREX and why? This will permit you to recognize fruitful trading techniques and use them.


There are 5 noteworthy gatherings of speculators who take part in FOREX: governments, banks, organizations, venture assets, and dealers. Every gathering has its own goals, however 1 thing all gatherings with the exception of dealers have in like manner is outside control. Each association has principles and rules for trading monetary standards and can be considered responsible for their trading choices. Singular merchants, then again, are responsible just to themselves.

Expansive associations and instructed dealers approach the FOREX with systems, and in the event that you plan to succeed as a FOREX merchant you must take action accordingly.

Cash Management

Money management is a necessary part of forex trading philosophies. Other than knowing which monetary forms to exchange and how to perceive passage and way out signs, the fruitful broker needs to deal with his assets and incorporate cash administration into his trading arrangement.

There are different systems for cash administration. Numerous depend on the computation of center value – you’re beginning equalization short the cash utilized as a part of open positions.

Center Equity And Limited Risk

At the point when entering a position attempt to constrain your danger to 1% to 3% of every exchange. This implies in the event that you are trading a standard FOREX part of $100,000 you ought to constrain your danger to $1,000 to $3,000. You do this with a stop misfortune request 100 pips (1 pip = $10) above or beneath your entrance position.

As your center value rises or falls, certainly the change the dollar measure of your danger. With a beginning parity of $10,000 and 1 vacant position, your center value is $9000. On the off chance that you wish to include a second vacant position, your center value would tumble to $8000 and you ought to constrain your danger to $900. Hazard in a third position ought to be constrained to $800.

More noteworthy Profit, Greater Risk

You should raise your danger level as your center value rises. All of a sudden, after $5,000 benefit, you will note that your center value is presently $15,000. You could raise your danger to $1,500 per exchange. Don’t ignore the forex trading philosophies of risk management.

On the other hand, you could hazard more from the benefit than from the first beginning parity. A few merchants may hazard up to 5% against their acknowledged benefits ($5,000 on a $100,000 part) for more noteworthy benefit potential.

These are certainly some sort of key strategies that permit a fledgling to get an a dependable balance on productive forex trading.

Save your time on analyzing the market and take your trades only at good opportunities available in the market.

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