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Mon, May 20, 2024

Even while foreign exchange trading is a lot safer than other trading alternatives, this does not imply that there are no longer any hazards involved in this type of trading. These are still pretty much there, which is why beginner forex traders need discover the appropriate strategies to help lead you towards making better trades in order to improve your financial situation.

Choose a Forex Broker

Choosing a broker or a platform that you may trade on should be the very first thing on your mind before you ever consider the possibility of engaging in any kind of trading at all. Even if their primary purpose is to assist you in trading, certain platforms additionally provide you with access to trading tools as well as reasonable transaction rates.

It goes without saying that you should also consider the safety and credibility of the platforms you use to trade on. You have access to a large number of brokers; thus, you should carefully analyze all of your accessible choices. You should familiarize yourself with internet evaluations and limit your business dealings to reputable brokers if you want to keep your money secure.

Watch News and Events

Because forex trading is based on foreign exchange, the rates you are going to deal with are impacted by recent news on the economy of a country, which is one of the benefits of engaging in this type of trading. For example, profitable investments in other countries have the potential to boost the value of one currency, while depressing reports about the economy tend to have the opposite impact.

As a result of this, it is going to be to your advantage to remain current on the news that pertains to the currencies that you trade-in. Now, keep in mind that no currency is so volatile that it is capable of experiencing a significant decline rate in a period of twenty-four hours. In spite of this, economic news does, over time, have an influence on a currency’s value.

Have a Risk Management Plan

Your level of success in trading forex, much like that of other financial products, is directly proportional to the amount of risk you are ready to assume. The greater the potential downsides, the greater the potential upsides. On the other hand, this does not imply that you should recklessly trade until you have no more money left.

When trading, it is important to keep a risk management plan in mind at all times. When you have sustained a certain amount of financial damage from trading, you should, ideally, terminate your participation in the market. This will save you from losing all of your money and will give you the opportunity to try again on another day if you aren’t successful during one of your trading sessions.

Beginner Forex Traders Start Small

Considering that this is your first experience trading forex, it would be recommended to begin with trades that are both small and easily managed. This implies that you will begin with a relatively modest amount of funds. First you should have a feel for the market, and then you should design your own trading technique. Because currency trading is here to stay, you should do your best to exercise patience with it.

Beginning on a modest scale also necessitates engaging in transactions one at a time. However, the reason that experienced traders are able to participate in several trades at once is that they have already built the skill set necessary to do so via constant trading. You will eventually acquire the skills necessary to engage in different trades.

Have a Trading Strategy

You may discover a lot of techniques online, but you should keep in mind that these are only useful at the beginning of your adventure. Because we all have distinct ideals and financial constraints that we must abide by, each trader has developed his or her own successful trading method.

As you make progress, you should get started on developing a plan that is tailored to your needs. Having a trading strategy that is unique to you as a trader and based on the information you already possess is beneficial.

In addition to the available funds, this also takes into account the capabilities you possess as a trader. If you are just starting out in the world of foreign exchange trading, it is strongly advised that you get some training under your belt and take things slowly.

Use a Demo Account

It goes without saying that practice is an essential component of your road toward being successful in forex trading. The encouraging news is that there are a variety of ways to hone your skills without placing any personal danger on yourself.

Demo accounts on trading platforms, which provide users the opportunity to trade using fictitious funds, are the key to achieving this goal. You won’t have to seek very hard to discover a trading platform that offers this one-of-a-kind function because nearly all of them do.

Make it a requirement that you trade using a demo account at least once before you trade with actual money. Gain some experience in currency trading. Although it is comparable to other types of trading, getting adjusted to it can be challenging since the instruments involved are unique.

Explore the Markets

You could be tempted to trade just in currencies that you are already familiar with right from the start of your currency trading career. However, this is not a terrible suggestion at all. Doing so is beneficial since it ensures that you are at least familiar with the currency and that you are aware of how to make the most of it based on what you already know.

You shouldn’t, however, restrict yourself to only these currencies because there are a great many more out there just waiting to be discovered. It is important to keep a careful eye on economies that are just beginning to emerge on the scene since these economies often provide the greatest opportunities for expansion and profit.

Don’t Be Emotional

Regardless of what you are looking to trade, this is the piece of advice that you are most likely to receive as a last piece of advice. It’s never a good idea to trade based on your emotions. Because of this, you are compelled to take chances that are unwarranted and may put you in jeopardy of losing all of your financial resources. Maintain an impartial stance to the greatest extent you can. What exactly does it mean to be too emotional? This simply means that you allow your feelings to influence your trading decisions.

For example, if you are having a good run, acting emotionally may mean that you keep increasing the number of deals you make because you are feeling too confident. You are well aware of the many reasons why this is a terrible plan. Trading foreign currencies can be the answer to your financial woes, but you should be aware that entering this market is not a walk in the park. You may go from being a novice forex trader all the way up to an experienced one with the correct amount of practice and the right strategies.

Do Not Get Overconfident

Don’t think that because you made a few good trades when you got started, you were born with a gift. Good traders recognize that forex trading is not easy. It requires discipline and learning and it goes well beyond buying low and selling high.  Celebrate your profits, there is nothing wrong with being happy about making some money, but don’t have high expectations during your first year.

Take the time to learn, be realistic and learn both from your winnings as well as your losses. Analyzing your trading session each day can determine your success as a trader, so get in the habit of doing a post-trading analysis.

Avoid Overtrades and Make Better Trades

By following the 2 rules you will take only the best trades in the market and it will become a good discipline for you.

  1. Set a limit to your trading – a target. You decide what you want to achieve – X pips a week (it should not be more than 100 when starting out
    and probably even less). Now, as soon as you hit your target, that’s it. You stop trading for the week.
  2. If at the end of the week you’re negative, you can carry over the loss to add to next week’s target. But you can never carry it over more than one week.(eg : if lost 300 points this week, carry this 300 points loss as your target for next week, so your next week target = your regular weekly target + 300 points target….IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t carry your 300 points loss of 1st week to your 3rd week if 2nd week also ends in loss. Carry only the previous week losses as your target for next week)

Remember that if you take more trades with small pips & reduce your target, you will get more pressure.

By Practicing & following these 2 rules strictly, you will become more focused on only doing what is required to hit that target. Now, your PRESSURE is OFF.

Set and Forget

The skill of placing a trade and walking away is often referred to as ‘set and forget’. And it’s beautiful if you can do it.

You place your orders, your stops and your risk/reward profit targets. Then walk away. Check back later, see how you did.

And if you’ve got the risk/reward and money management right – and you only take the best set-ups that meet your criteria, then you should come out on top.

And remember, stop over-trading. Overtrading can kill your performance.

Care for Leverage

Beginner forex traders are often dazzled by the amount of leverage available in this industry. 50:1 is not at all uncommon in Forex trading and to a new trader the chance of boosting their returns to such great extents seems marvelous, but remember that leverage is a double-edged sword.

Just as leverage can boost your returns when a trade is profitable, it can also amplify losses on losing trades and if you leverage 50:1, a mere 2% decrease can wipe out your entire capital.

Escape Plan

Last but not least, always have an escape plan and just follow these 2 simple rules:

  1. stop trading if the market is acting too unpredictably.
  2. set your maximum loss or drawdown for your a/c. If the max loss hits, just get
    out of your PC.

Bottom Line for Beginner Forex Traders

Trading is simple, but not easy. Because following that simple rules are not easy.

As beginner forex traders, my advice is, enjoy every ounce of beginner’s luck you get, but take your first year in trading as a learning course, act cautiously and look to grow slowly but steadily.

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