EUR/USD trying to Breakout the Bottom. Is it good to Sell the Breakout ?

EUR/USD Analysis :

After a Big straight downward movement from 1.40 price, the EUR/USD reaches the support zone 1.05

The 1.05 Price level act as a Support Zone before a long time on Aug 1997. After market reaching this support zone, market bounces back and went up around +19,000 Points.

Then Market falls down and breakout this support level 1.05 and went down until 0.82 price level. It’s around +23,000 Points fall after the breakout of this 1.05 support zone.

Now, the Current Market Price is trying to Breakout the Support zone 1.05. If Breakout happens, we can expect +2000 to +3000 points down to the support level of Trend line. The downward movement is going to end soon.

If market breakout the trend line support, then we can expect a big fall on EUR/USD.

But if market reverse from this level, we can expect a huge upward movement from this strong support level.

The movement of “USD” is all depend on the activities of Donald Trump. He’s the person going to drive the US Economy from Jan 20,2017.

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