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Fri, Feb 03, 2023

Emmanuel Macron wins French presidency
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Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidency in a decisive victory over the far-right Front National leader, Marine Le Pen. Macron made a Victory by 65% to 35% margin but Marine Le Pen’s defeat still marks historically high vote for France’s far right.

Who is Emmanuel Macron ?

Born : 21, December 1977 (Age 39) – France’s youngest President

Role : French Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs

Political Party : En Marche!

In August 2016, Macron quit the government to form a centrist party and launch a Presidential bid as an outsider.

On 7 May 2017, Emmanuel Macron beat opponent Marine Le Pen to become the youngest president of France in the Fifth Republic’s history.

Political career

2012–2014 – Head of the Economy and Finances Division
2012-2014 – Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidency
2014-2016 – Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs
2017 – President of France

He promised to unite a divided and fractured France, saying: “I will do everything to make sure you never have reason again to vote for extremes.”

Speaking of his meteoric rise and victory that was not forecast even a year ago, he said: “Everyone said it was impossible. But they didn’t know France!”

Macron, who has never held elected office and was unknown until three years ago, is France’s youngest president now.

As per the Expectations of French People, we mentioned in our Previous post (click here to see) with the survey of Coral website, Emmanuel Macron have more chances to win when comparing to opposite party (Marine Le Pen).

Finally, Macron won the Presidency.

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