Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Top Traders Reasons for Losing Money in market
2 mins well spent

1.You are greedy.

2. You fear and panic while trading.

3. If you think about Rewards(profits), your greediness may increase, If you think about Risk(losses), your fear may increase.

4. You don’t want to accept any losses in your trade.

5. You think yourself that you are a smart trader. Because, you made some big profits before in some trades.

6. You always think about the profit and don’t think about risk and stop loss.

7. You close your profits faster, but you are sitting in losses for a long time.

8. You are very selfish while trading. (You think only about your trade order, and you never think about market situation)

9. You looking to earn money in forex without learning the market in correct way.

10. You are dreaming to earn Big Profits in Forex, But you are not ready to learn forex market in correct way.

11. You start to dream for spending on your needs, without getting your forex profits in your hand.

12. You never accept your mistakes, you simply blame the market for your own mistakes.

13. You comparing yourself with Other Forex Traders.

14. You still don’t understand the “loss is the part of the Trading Business”. To be a Successful trader, You need to make More Profits and Small Losses.

15. You believe on Indicators (or) EA’s without knowing about their working process Completely.

16. You still getting more excitement everyday while trading. Note : The Excitement really comes from, not knowing what is going to happen next.

17. You are ready to earn money from forex, but you are not ready to learn forex completely.

We want you to get consistently profitable in this Forex business and survive for a long time.

Save your time on analyzing the market and take your trades only at good opportunities available in the market.

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